Full-Traction Suspension Is Home For No Radius Arms



The difference is in the details

Full-Traction manufactures Jeep 4-Link suspension systems that are the most functional and reliable available.  Full-Traction is known for the “Silent Ride System”, or SRS.  Utilizing the best Bushings and Heim joints has eliminated the squeaky-bushing issue that is common on most, if not all other Jeep aftermarket suspension systems on the market today. SRS systems operate silent.

431670_334275813274275_2046312014_nLatest generation Full-Traction Suspension systems that feature SRS bushing technology are available for Jeep JK , TJ, XJ and other Jeep 4×4′s. We have combined the SRS concept to create Full-Traction’s best 4-link Jeep suspension design ever. Lower Control Arms utilize Torsion Rubber bushings mounted to the frame and high quality Chromoly Heim Joints mounted to the axle. These kits require no maintenance to the bushings or the joints, and they outperform all Radius Arm kits in both off road articulation, ride quality and reliability.

Simply put, if you are running a suspension kit that uses polyurethane bushings, you will need to apply grease on a regular basis as part of a preventative maintenance program.  OEM/Chrysler Jeep bushings are Torsion Rubber, and for good reason. No Maintenance or lubrication is required. Torsion Rubber is the absolute solution to the squeaky bushing issue.

The facts regarding Radius Arms

Radius Arms Suspensions using polyurethane bushings “bind” and prematurely destroy bushings under hard off road articulation. This binding that occurs during suspension articulation is also the cause of the limited range of motion of a Radius Arm design.  Increasing the amount of grease on the bushings is not going to make the problem go away.  This type of suspension design is less expensive to manufacture (fewer components) which is why more (most) manufacturers build them. The cheaper manufacturing cost increases the selling profit.

At Full-Traction, we believe in building a better product even if it costs more to produce, without charging more to the consumer.   Full-Traction SRS 4-Link Suspension kits operate without bind, which allows increased articulation movement over Radius Arms, and do not prematurely destroy bushings. As an example, using Torsion Rubber bushings in our Jeep Long Arm kits, bushing replacement cost is almost zero, even after years of hard use.

Get the Best

Full-Traction suspension components include a Lifetime warranty to the original purchaser. When our products are used as intended, we stand behind the quality and we are certain they will last a lifetime. Craftsmanship , superior engineered design and ease of installation makes Full-Traction the best there is.

JK Long Arm available in 3.0-in, 4.0-in & 6.0-in heights

TJ Long Arm available in 4.0-in & 6.0-in heights

XJ Long Arm available in 3.5-in & 6.0-in

 Made in the U.S.A.

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