4.5-in Ford Super Duty 4-Link Coilover Conversion System

4.5-in Ford Super Duty 4-Link Coilover Conversion System

  • Part #: FTS7851
  • MSRP: $4,995.95

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Our 4.5-in Ford Super Duty 4-Link Coilover Conversion System includes KING® Brand Coil-Over front shocks and Bilstein® rear 5100 Series shocks. 

Proper spring rate and shock valving produces improved ride comfort and handling. Full Traction builds the highest quality 4-link conversion for 2002-2004  F250 & F350 Super Duty.  This system will convert the conventional front leaf spring suspension to a 4-Link front axle mounting with ICG© -Instant Center Geometry for a true and correct caster curve throughout the entire range of linear wheel travel.

Full-Traction ICG© reduces the total caster change throughout the suspension's movement - by over 50%!  The result, is a drastically improved "on center" feel, ride quality, and control when driving or towing.

Exclusive system includes all necessary components and a trick Nascar-style front sway bar.  Astonishingly, this is a fully bolt-on system. Our engineers have created a simple, extremely strong mounting system that requires little maintenance, and is extremely easy to install. No welding is required to complete installation.

You want tough? All components in this Ford Super Duty suspension system are built for maximum off road punishment or heavy duty commercial use. Extreme duty fully re-buildable rod ends and 2.0-in diameter x .250 wall thickness DOM tubing for our lower leading control arm assemblies. This plus 1/4-inch plate laser crafted brackets provide exceptional strength. Grade 8 hardware is used throughout. Durable Gray powder coat finish. 4.5" lift systems include rear lift blocks.  Note: rear leaf springs are not included.

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 4-Link systems are offered as complete & correct engineered systems only. Major brackets & conversion components are not sold independently.



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