4-Link Builder Kit F250/F350 Super Duty 4wd

4-Link Builder Kit F250/F350 Super Duty 4wd

  • Part #: FTS7850
  • MSRP: $3,299.95

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4-Link Front End Conversion BUILDER Kit without shocks.

2000-2004 Ford Super Duty 4wd Pickup.

Designed for the experienced installer who wants to customize the Super Duty lift height from a minimum of 4.0-in up to 8.0-in using Coil-Over Front shocks.

The Full-Traction 4-Link conversion starts with this Kit.  Includes all necessary components to convert the F250/F350 Super Duty from front leaf springs to a custom 4-link conversion. The final lift height of the vehicle is determined by the extended length of the Coil-Over shocks.  Will accept all major brands of 2.5-3.0-inch Diameter Coil-Over front shocks with a hose and reservoir.

Conversion allows the installer to mount Coil-Over shocks up to a total of 24.5" maximum in extended length on the front. Proper Coil spring rate and valving are key to achieving improved ride comfort.   For vehicles that are being upgraded from an existing lift, the builder can use existing Rear leaf springs, blocks, shocks etc,  or add other parts depending on what is needed.  Coil-Over shocks, rear shocks, rear leaf springs and blocks are optional with the BUILDER kit.

ICG  - Instant Center Geometry®

Full-Traction Suspension ICG reduces the total caster change throughout the suspension's movement - by over 50%!  The result, is a drastically improved "on center" feel, ride quality, & control when driving or towing.

Click the link below for the complete installation how-to in 8-Lug Magazine



Exclusive system includes all necessary components including a trick Nascar-style front sway bar.  Astonishingly, this is a fully bolt-on system.  Our engineers have created a simple, extremely strong mounting system that requires little maintenance, and is extremely easy to install. No welding is required to complete installation.  Full-Traction is high quality and is designed to improve handling and ride quality for your Ford Super Duty or Excursion.

Additional Information:

Footnote & Product Disclaimer:  Front Coil-Over Shocks must not exceed 24.5" extended length. Lift height of vehicle should not exceed 8.0-inch over factory stock to allow for proper adjustments and function of suspension components and OEM brake lines. 


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