Full-Traction Spanner Joint Assembly – 2.25″ Diameter

Full-Traction Spanner Joint Assembly – 2.25″ Diameter

  • Part #: FTSNJ25
  • MSRP: $49.95

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Full-Traction Spanner Joint Assembly - 2.25" Diameter

Replacement spanner nut and joint assembly for most late model production control arms with internal threaded eyelet. Eyelet must have threads on inside wall of 2.25 I.D. eyelet. Used in production on JK Long Arm, Ultimate and Premium system Lower control arms.

Kit includes:  Spanner nut, (1) Snap ring, Washer, Bushing cups, and Bushing globe, chromed. Requires spanner wrench for removal. Regular grease and maintenance required.

For helpful assistance in fulfilling your order, Call the Full-Traction Sales Dept.   Do not use this item with smooth wall eyelets that do not have internal threads. Do not use this item if  arms are already equipped with Torsion rubber bushings.

NOTE: FTS707543 SRS Torsion rubber bushings can be used as an alternative replacement for the FTSNJ25 on Lower control arms.





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