Jeep JK Wrangler CRC-Link for ProRock 60 Axle

Jeep JK Wrangler CRC-Link for ProRock 60 Axle

  • Part #: FTS7385
  • MSRP: $649.95

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Full-Traction CRC Link for Jeep JK with ProRock 60 Axle

Available in Left Hand Drive or Right Hand Drive Versions.

NEW ! Full-Traction Suspension announces the release of its newest suspension innovation for the 2007-2012  JEEP JK Wranglers - The new CRC Link™- (Constant Roll Center). It’s Full-Traction''s off road adaptation for the JEEP JK of the thoroughly proven Watts Link Design. Watch on You Tube at:

* True and correct constant roll center geometry for better handling- on & off road!
* Better ground clearance- everything is on top of the axle
* Eliminates Rear Track Bar and weak factory axle mounts that fail
* Strengthens factory axle housing
* Fully bolt-on - minor Exhaust mods required

Nothing that has come along for the 2013-07  JK Wrangler suspension has been this innovative. The CRC Link™ works with all brands of aftermarket lifts to + 4”- 6” over stock height. It completely nullifies the constant high/low roll center debate by applying superior design to eliminate the problem. This system upgrade can’t be topped for correct geometry, handling on and off road, and improved strength.


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