TJ 4.0-in Ultimate – Upgrade to Long Arm with SRS Bushings

TJ 4.0-in Ultimate – Upgrade to Long Arm with SRS Bushings

  • Part #: FTS750740
  • MSRP: $1,995.95

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TJ 4.0-in Ultimate - Upgrade to 4.0-in Long Arm with SRS Bushings

Includes components to convert Full-Traction Part # FTS7507 and most other brand kits from regular short arm to Long Arm. Designed for Standard X-model TJ with NP231 transfer case.

Parts not included in Upgrade: 

Rear Upper V-Bar Bracket, Coil Springs, Sway bar Disconnects, Rear sway bar links, Bump stops, Pitman arm, Brake lines, Front Track Bar, Drop track bar bracket, Crossbrace, Hardware.


Kits that are equipped with our Silent Ride System run absolutely NOISE FREE. They use velvet-smooth torsion natural rubber bushings the NEVER require any kind of lubrication. SRS equipped kits also feature hi-end Chromoly/Kevlar lined Heim Joints that give massive amounts of articulation movement that also never require any kind of lubrication service. What you get is the only system available that is truly & completely maintenance free.

Note: does not fit LJ model


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