3.5-in XJ Ultimate SRS Suspension System

3.5-in XJ Ultimate SRS Suspension System

  • Part #: FTS7209
  • MSRP: $1,439.95

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3.5-in XJ Ultimate SRS Suspension System

The Ultra Plus  XJ 3.5-in suspension lift system includes tough tubular adjustable Upper & Lower front control arms with Kevlar lined Chromoly heim joints for a silent ride with added flex and durability. Arms require no lubrication maintenance.

Adjustable Front Track Bar allows the axle  to be centered under the vehicle for proper alignment and geometry.

Front Sway Bar Quick Disconnects.

Front coil springs.

Rear leaf insert springs & U-bolts for Chrysler 8.25 rear and hardware kit.

Powder coat finish. Precise, comfortable street handling, combined with excellent off-road performance make this an excellent choice for a daily driven vehicle.


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