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2004 Rubicon Lift
Date: Nov 14, 2012

**********A User from (Chino, CA)
My Dad and I put the lift on in our garage. Had the lift for about 4 years now, and have been pretty happy with it. We have 35-inch tires on it BTW. You have to get the exhaust altered with this system. The stock muffler won’t fit. Got a skinny Magnaflow muffler that sounds awesome.  It drives really nice on the street. Doesn’t lean too bad in curves. The front end will wash out before it even comes close to feeling like it’ll go on it’s side. I’ve had it up on three wheels twice on the street, but that was in tight 90 degree turns, and I was driving like an idiot. I’ve hauled ass up and down Bear Mountain in it. Really fun to drive on the street.  Amazing articulation on the trail. Drove it up to Moab, wheeled, and drove it all the way home. It’s a great kit. I would recommend it to anyone.

6″ FT LA lift 2006 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
Date: May 16, 2008

********** User from (Virginia Beach, VA)

I agonized between this and Clayton for months till I was ready to purchase…No regrets here whatsoever, this kit is rock solid and articulation is unbeliveable. I am using this in conjunction with the ORO Dual Rate Swayloc and the road manners are absolutely phenomonal. Like the way the link pockets are tucked up in to the transfer case skid as well. Would like to see them get rid of the nutserts on the skid plate and just use grade 8 hardware, make that part of it much easier. Also gets rid of the rear trac-bar. This kit in it’s current generation is one of the TOP bolt on long arms out there.

6in lift not 4in lift
Date: Aug 21, 2005

********** User from (everett, WA)

The six inch lift is insane!!! i have so many good things to say about it i cant fit it in with 1,000 words. It has amazing articulation very heavy duty. check out their web site, they can explain the wheel travel thing a lot better than i can. I can just put it to good use!!!

The new Silent Ride System (SRS) is awesome!
Date: May 07, 2011

**********A User from (Simi Valley, CA)
My 3″ JK Long Arm is nothing but quality. The new Kevlar lined FK Chromoly HEIMS and Clevite factory OEM bushings make this kit 100% Maintenance Free. That’s right NO LUBRICATION!!! I’ve had it on my JK for the last 1.5 years and have over 45K miles on it. By far the best ride quality I’ve ever had in a JK. Oh I’ve owned a few JK’s. 1 with a Teraflex kit that was the worst QUALITY Ive ever seen in fact the brackets tore my frame apart. I’ve also had an AEV kit that is nothing but a bunch of brackets. Both of them absolute junk IMHO.

Now it’s time for me to upgrade to the new Full-Traction CRC-LINK. I’ve seen it work in person at Easter Jeep Safari this year. By far the most innovative product for the Jeep JK in a long time.

Thank you Full-Traction Suspension for changing your bushings to OEM rubber. This kit hands down can’t be beat.


Date: Apr 25, 2006

**********A User from (Dago, CA)
Honestly for a four inch short arm kit I didn’t expect this. Off road it’s a dream but on road I can do 75-80 down the freeway and hold the steering wheel with two fingers! Installs clean Amazing!
See ya in the rocks !

Ultimate Rubi
Date: Feb 10, 2007

**********A User from (Johnstown, PA)
This lift kit rocks. the ride is great on road and offroad. (i got the m-force shocks with the kit) if i could do it all over i would have started with the best. full traction! install was easy the directions were straight forward. i cant say enough good things about this lift. blows all other short arm suspension kits away.


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